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About Study India

Study India is a first-of-its-kind all-inclusive web and app-based solutions provider to college-going students. In short, it provides a cloud based college education solutions platform on the web and app platforms, help enable students to learn, interact and collaborate more effectively as a student community.

Following the core values and principles of Study India, i.e. To Share, Learn & Grow, the platform works on the core motto of Learn to Share, Share To Learn. It provides students with a notes, question papers etc. sharing platform between the student community, a related forum section to help students clear their doubts, a cross college blog, a virtual classroom to help students learn better and to help professors teach better, a virtual study desk for students, a videos section for students to visually learn better and an events experience that will help keep students up to date about the various events happening across colleges.

Hope you enjoy exploring the website,
Team Study India